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Teeth  whitening session


Bye-bye coffee stains. Later, red wine... SunnaSmile gets rid of those stains and buildup, sensitivity free, and leaves your smile looking radiantly beautiful. 

✔️Remelizes teeth and neutralizes harmful bacteria
✔️Enamel safe
✔️All natural ingredients + a natural registered health product
✔️Creates perfect pearly whites, removes plaque + stains, and heals oral tissue!

Studio appointments and Advanced Home Kits available for your convenience. Purchase through the "SHOP HERE" link.

Whitening Session:               $135

20 minute session

Average of 3 shades whiter

* Plan on not eating for the first hour after your session. You will receive a consent form through your email with more care instructions. (check spam mail)


Teeth Whitening Training available via in person or Zoom, exclusively through Sunna Smile products.  Email for more information. Class is 2 hours at my studio, will have one live model for training purposes. You will receive a discount code and small swag bag. Classes offered Saturday, Sunday or Monday's. This Training Course is $499  HELLO@TANNINGLUXE.COM

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