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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening home kit

Bye-bye coffee stains. Later, red wine... SunnaSmile gets rid of those stains and buildup, sensitivity free, and leaves your smile looking flawless. 

✔️Remelizes teeth and neutralizes harmful bacteria
✔️Enamel safe
✔️All natural ingredients + a natural registered health product
✔️Creates perfect pearly whites, removes plaque + stains, and heals oral tissue!

Studio appointments and Advanced Home Kits available for your convenience. Purchase through the "SHOP HERE" link.

Basic Session: $129

20 minute session

Average of 3 shades whiter

Super Gel: $179

45 minute Session

Average of 5 shades whiter

* Plan on not eating for the first hour after your session. You will receive care instructions at your appointment.

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