Prep & care instructions

Flawless tanned legs


Prior to your session:

In the days leading up to your appointment, it's very important that you begin prepping your skin to receive a flawless application and experience an even fade. Start by keeping skin well hydrated; drink plenty of water and moisturize at least twice daily.  Anything organic and natural based with goats milk + coconut oil is always best.  Make sure you're avoiding anything with sulfates, parabens, alcohol, fragrance and mineral oil (i.g. Dove, Aveeno, Jergens, etc.)!  I can not recommend anything specific but do have retail available for your convenience.

* Note: if you have a sunburn, I will NOT spray tan you in that area at all!


12-24 hours prior: 

Exfoliate & shave at least 24 hours prior, and do not apply lotion deodorant or perfume the day of your appointment. This will allow your natural oils and ph levels to restore and balance.

* ALL other beauty appointments such as nails, waxing, lashes, hair, etc. should be done at least 24 hours prior!

For your appointment:
  • Please be ready for your 15 minute appointment...

  • Be clean of any product, makeup, deodorant and remove your jewelry.

  • Wear dark and loose fitting clothing and shoes                 NO WORKOUT clothes! Also avoid tops with thin straps.

  • You may wear your undergarments, bring pasties or opt for no tan lines for the application process.

        (Men are required to wear bottoms).

  • Plan on rinsing off within 2-4 hours after application. You may request an 8+ hour solution if you prefer.

  • While you're developing, avoid sweating or coming into contact with water.

  • Bring a towel for your car to sit on and be careful with the seatbelt as well. 

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After Care:

  • Rinse off with lukewarm water for 3-5 minutes and gently rub the bronzer off your body with your hands in circular motions.

      (If you are streaky afterwards, it means you left bronzer on! Don't                     worry, it'll even out by your next shower). 

  •  You may notice that all of the bronzer washed off and you have little to no tan lines. This is normal as the spray tan will continue to gradually develop over the next 8+ hours. Trust the process!

  • Do not use any products or loofah, or apply lotion after your rinse.​

*If you see a greenish tint to your underarm area, it's deodorant residue and will clear out by your next rinse. I recommend using a natural based deodorant.

For Longevity:

  • Pat dry with a towel after each shower.

  • Avoid hot, long baths / showers or exfoliating.

  • Skip shaving days. 

  • Apply body moisturizer 1-2 times a day.

  • Stay hydrated... drink your H2O!

  • Wear waterproof sunblock.

that's right... let's glow!